A Day with Dignity Kitchen

D&G Technology has always cared about the community and valued social corporate responsibility. On Dec 14th, the Company arranged its HK staff to participate in the volunteer service of Dignity Kitchen. Dignity Kitchen is a sustainable social enterprise established in 2019 and headquartered in Singapore. HK Dignity Kitchen mainly conducts formal training in food preparation and cooking for differently abled persons with special needs. The training covers culinary skills, safety and hygiene practices and customer engagement. Some trainees work at Dignity Kitchen, and the rest are arranged for job matching, so that people with physical disabilities or the disadvantaged groups with weaker abilities can support themselves and contribute to society. In addition, Dignity Kitchen also provides lunch and other social activities opportunities for the elderly.

This volunteer service includes making cookies, understanding the operation of Dignity Kitchen, assisting in preparing lunch boxes, and distributing lunch boxes to those in need. The Company hopes that D&G staff can do their best for the community, support the disadvantaged, and assist those in need by participating in this meaningful volunteer activity.