A day with Food Angel

In Hong Kong, 3600 tons of food waste which equal to the total weight of 250 double-decker buses is sent to the landfills on a daily basis. Around 1 million HK people are living below the poverty line and 1 in 7 HK people go around under nourished. Food Angel, a sustainable Food Rescue and Food Assistance Program, was launched in 2011 with the ultimate goal of achieving Waste Not Hunger Not. Today, Food Angel serve 6000 free hot meals and food packs daily to people in need of food assistance and rescue 3000kg surplus food from going to the landfills every day. To support Food Angel, D&G Technology has organized its HK staff to take part in the volunteer work program of Food Angel. Through the half-day program, the staff got to know food waste issues in Hong Kong and they helped prepare Food Angel meals together. The Company hopes that the concept of Waste Not, Hunger Not can be disseminated to the staff and all staff can become Food Angels.