D&G Technology actively supports “Earth Hour 2019”

On Mar 30, 2019, D&G Technology actively participated at “Earth Hour 2019” by encouraging all our staff to support this worldwide lights-off campaign. All unnecessary lights were switched off at all our company premises, production facilities, offices and staff family for one hour from 20:30-21:30 to show our support for action on climate change. This was the seventh consecutive year that D&G has participated in the “Earth Hour” campaign. The campaign participation highlights the corporate and individuals efforts and supports on “energy conservation, consumption reduction and emission reduction”.

A 100-watt light consumes 0.1 kWh in one hour, which is equivalent to quite 35g of standard coal consumption, 87g of carbon dioxide emissions, 2.6g of sulfur dioxide, 1.3g NOx, 24g of toner dust. Over the years, D&G Technology has always attached the importance to environmental protection. We create economic value for the society, at the same time, we still concern about environmental issues. In recent years, the Company newly developed Monoblock Recycling plant, Eco series asphalt mixing plant, etc. This is the strong support to environmental protection.

One hour of darkness shows our support for action on climate changes. Let’s work together to create a beautiful home.