D&G Technology promotes low-carbon office by formulating an internal green policy

OfficeGreenPolicy1 OfficeGreenPolicy2D&G Technology deeply understands that to protect the environment is the responsibility of individuals and enterprises. We have been committed to environmental protection, relentlessly reduce the environmental impact of surrounding communities during the production process by reducing pollutant emissions and meet environmental targets, and achieve sustainable development.

In order to enable employees better aware of the importance of environmental protection and understand the concept of green office, the Company formulates an internal green policy, so that employees understand how we should start from the office. This can also enhance their sense of responsibility and environmental protection and know well of the Group’s concern in protecting the environment.

The Group will continue to adhere to the development of environmentally friendly products, reduce the impact on environment during the production processes and use of equipment. At the same time, we will strengthen the low-carbon concept of environmental protection in internal management, so that everyone is aware of environmental protection, everyone is environmentally friendly and everyone is socially responsible. We hope to contribute to the green world!