D&G Technology won “Hong Kong Green Awards 2020” – “Corporate Green Governance Award”

The trophy of Hong Kong Green Awards 2020 – Corporate Green Governance Award (Corporate Vision)

Mr Desmond Chung, CFO, received the award from Mr Shih Wing-Ching, Chairperson of Green Council

Sustainable development is the development trend of today's enterprises. As a member of social citizens, D&G Technology understands that enterprises must implement environmental policies and measures in their businesses and take responsibility for sustainable development. The Group takes environmental factors into consideration during daily operation. The Group's adherence and efforts have resulted in the awarding of the "Hong Kong Green Awards 2020” – “Corporate Green Governance Award – Corporate Vision". The awards ceremony was held on 14 December 2020.

The "Hong Kong Green Awards" is an awarding event organized by the Green Council to encourage local enterprises to incorporate environmental considerations, environmental responsibility and environmental management systems into their operations and to recognize their continued improvement and leadership performance. The Corporate Green Governance Award recognizes the commitment of large enterprises in the five areas of leadership, mission, management systems, environmental monitoring and reporting, and stakeholders, as well as their integration of environmental considerations into daily operations.

Since 2016, D&G Technology has been awarded this “Corporate Green Governance Award” for five consecutive years. The award has been reaffirmed by D&G Technology's commitment to green governance. Looking ahead, the Group will continue to incorporate environmental, safety and health considerations in decision-making, accountability, management, performance, sustainability and leadership in the operation. We will strive to build a positive image, continue to promote green operations through technological innovation to respond to sustainable development, and strengthen green governance and become an exemplary Green enterprise.

Certificate of Award of Hong Kong Green Awards 2020 – “Corporate Green Governance Award – Corporate Vision”
Certificate of Award of Hong Kong Green Awards 2020 – “Sustained Performance (5 years+)”