D&G Technology won the “Sustainability Leader Award”- Silver Award

D&G Technology has joined the “COOL Corporate Membership Scheme 2017/18” established by the Friends of the Earth (HK) to step up its efforts on environmental awareness and reduction of carbon emission. The Awards Presentation Ceremony for COOL Corporate Membership Scheme was held on 8 August 2018. The Group was honored to obtain the Silver award of “Sustainability Leader Award” after a whole year’s participation. It is definitely recognition to the Group’s effort and contribution on environmental awareness and CSR. The Group will continue to leave its eco-friendly footprint by actively supporting and participating in activities organized by environmental organizations.

Trophy of “Sustainability Leader Award” – Silver 「可持续发展领袖奖」银奖奖座
Ms Sandra Ng, Assistant to CEO of D&G, represents the Group to receive the trophy from Friends of the Earth (HK) 德基科技首席执行官助理吴宝凤女士代表集团接受地球之友 (香港) 颁发的奖座