EARTH HOUR campaign for 12 consecutive years

D&G Technology has participated in the “Earth Hour” campaign for 12 consecutive years

"Earth Hour" is the world's largest environmental protection action, receiving participation and support from all walks of life every year. It is also an environmental protection initiative that D&G Technology has adhered to for 12 years. On March 23, 2024, D&G Technology employees actively participated in this one-hour lights-off campaign, lighting up their beliefs with candlelight, protecting their homes with actions, and practicing a sustainable lifestyle!

From 20:30 to 21:30, all unnecessary lights were turned off for one hour in company properties, factories, offices, employee dormitories, and employees’ homes everywhere. D&G Technology once again expressed our support for environmental protection with practical actions. Many employees responded to the company's appeal and became supporters of "Earth Hour" to decompress the earth and speak out for nature.

Pledge of D&G Technology

D&G Technology has always attached great importance to environmental protection. While creating economic value for society, it always pays attention to environmental protection issues. Over the years, D&G Technology has continuously developed and designed a variety of high-efficiency and energy-saving equipment, including Monoblock Recycling Plant, Eco series Asphalt Mixing Plant, RAP Asphalt Crusher & Screener, etc., which are all strong support for environmental protection. Employees at D&G Technology took an hour of darkness to show their support for action on climate change. We do our best to reduce the burden on the earth and work together to create a beautiful home.

D&G Technology shoulders the responsibility to the environment, society and the next generation. The company has linked its core business and daily operations with five sustainable development goals set by the United Nations to formulate different strategies and actions. D&G Technology will formulate set low-carbon emission reduction goals and indicators, and make efforts and contributions to the country's realization of carbon neutrality.

Poster of Earth Hour 2024