Green education – EcoPark Visit

D&G Technology has always attached importance to environmental protection. In order to let its staff know more about Hong Kong’s waste disposal and environmental protection facilities, the Company arranged for staff in Hong Kong to visit the Visitor Centre of EcoPark which is situated in Tuen Mun.

EcoPark is a facility of the Environmental Protection Department and is Hong Kong’s first recycling-business park specially constructed for recycling industry. It provides a rentable area of 140,000m2 long term land at affordable costs for the recycling industry. Its Visitor Centre is the first large-scale education resource center in Hong Kong with the theme of municipal waste. D&G Technology’s staff visited various exhibit zones, including Waste Corridor, 3-D Landfill Model and Plastic Recycling Education Centre, to get to know the severity of the waste problem in Hong Kong and the current waste disposal methods. The Company hopes to increase employees’ environmental awareness through this visit, so as to encourage them to start from daily life, actively reduce waste, and further aware the importance of environmental protection.