Investor site visit tour to the production base of D&G Technology successfully organized

Ms Glendy Choi, CEO of D&G Tech, introduced the future development of the company

D&G Technology Holding Company Limited held an investor site visit tour on 15th-16th October, inviting research analysts and potential investors for a guided tour at D&G’s production base in Hebei Langfang, the PRC. Investors inspected the asphalt mixing plants and talked to the management in length to thoroughly understand the Company’s operation and business model.

During the 2-day trip, 15 investors and analysts visited the Company’s production base, observed the asphalt mixing plants in action in construction worksite, and toured the control room for a better understanding of the facility operation and management. At the welcoming dinner and lunch, they also had sufficient time to interact with the management to discuss D&G’s future development.

Investors agree that the tour helped exemplifying the business effectively and reinforced their knowledge in both the Company and this particular industry. They consider the Company’s solid foundation a positive influence to the future development, and appreciated the management’s proactive attitude. They believe D&G has a positive prospect.

CTO of D&G Tech explained the operation of the asphalt mixing plant

Construction site visit

Investors learned the operation of the asphalt mixing plant

Visiting the production base

Self-developed DGLeap automatic control system

Boarded the asphalt mixing plant to have close contact