D&G Technology support to Hong Kong Green Day 2022 and World Environment Day

Kick-off ceremony of Hong Kong Green Day 2022 was held on 5 June. D&G Technology has been one of the sponsors for seven consecutive years. Ms. Glendy Choi, CEO of the Group, attended the ceremony. Besides, the Company encouraged all employees to participate at “Wear Green Action” on 5 June to show their support.

That day was also World Environment Day. The Group's production base in Langfang, Hebei also responded to environmental protection, Internal propaganda was also carried out in the production facility in Langfang Hebei on 2 June, including publicity posters and exhibition boards. Employees were urged to sign for a pledge to take daily actions to deal with environmental protection. In addition, an environmental protection knowledge quiz activity was organized, and those who answered correctly will receive "carbon points", which will be included in the personal annual carbon points, in order to win the "Best low-carbon emission reduction expert" in the annual carbon points evaluation activity organized by the company. We believe that the accumulation of environmental protection knowledge will play a vital role in the development of good behavior and habits in the future. Advocating the concept of green environmental protection, cultivating a healthy lifestyle, learning, publicizing, implementing, and implementing, this is our future work instruction. The activity lasted for an hour and a half, and the environmental protection knowledge quiz activity ended successfully with the enthusiastic participation of everyone.