D&G Technology – Plant for Green Future

Protecting the environment is a responsibility for companies as well as individuals, and D&G strives to lead the industry by example. D&G is fully committed to engage in environmental protection. The Group recognizes the impact it has on the environment and the natural resources in neighboring communities and aims to reduce its emissions and other environmental impact while expanding its production capacity.

D&G Technology aims to develop into a green company by connecting with nature. To demonstrate our commitment to green and in line with the corporate environmental and sustainability objectives, D&G Technology participated in the Friends of the Earth’s Trees COOLiving campaign, to be “Friends of Seedlings” by donating to plant 300 trees in Jiangxi province. Trees in fact have many benefits. Trees can absorb carbon dioxide, release oxygen, natural cooling, reduce heat island effect, preserve water and soil and absorb air pollutants. D&G Technology aims to become a well-known green brand within the asphalt equipment industry. We hope to arouse the green heart of others through this green action and hope to be a caring company. We are committed to connect with our stakeholders to create a greener future.