D&G Technology (1301.HK) – To Provide Asphalt Mixing Plant in Hong Kong

D&G Technology Holding Company Limited 德基科技控股有限公司 (Stock code: 1301.hk), through its wholly-owned subsidiary, has entered into contract with K. Wah Asphalt Limited (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Galaxy Entertainment Group Limited) in October 2015, for the design, supply, delivery, installation supervision, commissioning, testing and warranty works of hot mix batch asphalt mixing plant in Hong Kong.

It is the first such project of D&G Technology in Hong Kong. The project signifies the capabilities of D&G Technology’s products and services in meeting the Hong Kong standards. As a major supplier of asphalt mixing plants in numerous signature construction projects in the PRC, including Beijing-Tibet Highway (京藏高速), Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Highway (京港澳高速), Jiaozhou Bay Bridge (膠州灣大橋) and Hangzhou Bay Bridge (杭州灣大橋), D&G Technology is glad to provide its one-stop asphalt mixing plant solutions for Hong Kong infrastructure projects and will continue to look for opportunities to expand the business globally.

About D&G Technology Holding Company Limited

D&G Technology is a leading medium-to-large scale asphalt mixing plant manufacturer and service provider in China. Based on the sales volume, the Group ranked second with a market share of approximately 13.8% in 2013. The Group’s core products include conventional hot-mix asphalt mixing plants and hot-mix asphalt mixing recycling plants. Asphalt mixtures produced by these plants are used in construction and maintenance of all grades of roads and highways. The Group also offers asphalt mixing plant customer services including sales of spare parts and components and provision of equipment modification services and leasing of asphalt mixing plants through operating leases. With headquarters in Hong Kong and a production base in Langfang, Hebei, D&G Technology is certified as a high-technology enterprise in Hebei and enjoys a preferential enterprise income tax rate of 15%. Its products are sold to most provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China as well as 18 overseas countries. It has sold more than 300 units of asphalt mixing plants to customers in China and overseas emerging markets and developed countries including Australia, Russia and India, regions including Southeast Asia and the Middle East, as well as countries in Africa. The Group is also one of the suppliers of asphalt mixing plants to a number of major infrastructure projects in China, including Beijing-Tibet Highway (京藏高速), Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Highway (京港澳高速), Jiaozhou Bay Bridge (膠州灣大橋) and Hangzhou Bay Bridge (杭州灣大橋).