D&G Technology Reached a Strategic Partnership with LiuGong Road Equipment

Become the Exclusive Supplier of Asphalt Mixture Mixing Equipment
Tap into Domestic and Overseas Markets Together

Mr. Liu Tom Jing-zhi (Right), Chief Operating Officer of D&G Technology and Mr. Tan Zuo-Zhou (Left), General Manager of LiuGong Road Equipment attended the signing ceremony.

26 May 2021 - D&G Technology Holding Company Limited (Stock Code: 1301.HK, together with its subsidiaries, collectively the “Group”), which was awarded the “China’s Top 30 Construction Machinery Manufacturer” for 8 consecutive years, is pleased to announce that the Group has reached a strategic partnership with LiuGong Wuxi Road Equipment Co., Ltd. (“LiuGong Road Equipment”), to achieve complementary advantages and a win-win result. The Group will design and manufacture a new series of asphalt mixing plants for LiuGong Road Equipment, which will be distributed and sold in domestic and overseas markets.

According to the agreement, the Group will become the exclusive supplier of asphalt mixing equipment for LiuGong Road Equipment. The Group will research & develop, design and manufacture products under the label of “LiuGong”, by leveraging its technical strength, as well as LiuGong’s well-established distribution network and strong financial services capabilities, to sell the products to domestic and overseas markets. The Group expects this strategic partnership will further penetrate the mid-end asphalt mixing plant market to win more orders and expand its revenue stream. Furthermore, the collaboration enables LiuGong Road Equipment to enrich and improve its one-stop road construction equipment solution to achieve a win-win situation.

Ms. Choi Kwan Li, Glendy, Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer said, “As a leading manufacturer and service provider of medium to large-scale high-end asphalt mixing plants in China, D&G has strived to develop its business in all directions and further penetrate the road construction market in China, as well as the countries along the "Belt and Road Initiative". By partnering with LiuGong Road Equipment, the world's leading construction machinery manufacturer, it is expected to generate magnificent synergies and promote our business development in mid-end asphalt mixing plant market. Looking forward, we will pay close attention to co-seize the potential opportunities in global market, as well as the business opportunities brought by the "Belt and Road Initiative", in order to generate synergies between businesses and bring greater returns to our shareholders.”

About LiuGong

logo LiuGongFounded in 1958, Guangxi LiuGong Group Co., Ltd. ("LiuGong") is a state-owned enterprise established by authorized operation of state-owned assets. Its business includes the core construction machinery enterprise Guangxi LiuGong Machinery Co., Ltd. ("LiuGong Machinery"), which was restructured and listed in 1993, and is the first listed company in the industry and Guangxi. Its business segments include construction machinery (including road machinery), agricultural machinery and modern services. LiuGong has won “China's Top 500 enterprises”, “the world's Top 50 construction machinery enterprises” (ranking 15th) etc. and has 13 wholly owned and joint-venture subsidiary enterprises, with total assets of approximately RMB 30 billion. LiuGong Road Equipment is a wholly owned subsidiary of LiuGong Machinery, which mainly produces road construction and maintenance equipment (including road rollers, graders, pavers, milling machines, etc.). The total sales volume ranks third in the domestic industry, and the export sales volume ranks second in the domestic industry. Its products are distributed worldwide and exported to Europe, Russia, Southeast Asia, West Asia, Australia, America, Africa and other countries and regions.

About D&G Technology

D&G Technology, a company specializing in the R&D, production and manufacture of asphalt mixing plants and asphalt mixing recycling plants, has accumulated a good reputation and established a vast and stable customer base over the years. In recent years, D&G has actively seeking entrance to the vast mid-end asphalt mixing plant market.