The Background

In order to achieve the company's long-term sustainable development goals, and cooperate with the Group's annual sustainable development report submitted to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in compliance with new international standards, the company decided to formally establish a "Sustainable Development Committee" to develop the company's sustainable development direction, guidelines and policies. The Committee will formulate a comprehensive sustainable development policy for the company, monitor the implementation of the relevant policies, and report to the board of directors of the head office. The "Committee" has an inter-departmental working group responsible for advancing and implementing relevant work under specific sustainable development policies.

The Structure

The company's Sustainability Committee (hereinafter referred to as the "Committee") is chaired by the CEO, whose members include the company's directors, chief financial officer, company executives and employees. The committee assists the board of directors in overseeing and managing all sustainable development matters related to daily operations and risk management, and ensures that the sustainable development strategy is consistent with the development goals of D&G Technology. The committee will review the stakeholders’ feedback, update relevant policies, and report to the board of directors on relevant sustainability issues for decision making purposes.

In order to further promote the sustainable development work, in line with the company's strategy of sustainable development governance, the committee has set up a number of sustainable development working groups, with the participation of senior management to ensure that sustainable development is implemented in a holistic manner to enhance our performance in various sustainable development areas. In addition, it also cooperates with external stakeholders to urge them to participate in the company's sustainable development policy and progress.