Management Team


Our board consists of 5 executive directors, 2 non-executive directors and 4 independent non-executive directors.

Supervising the operations of our Group, planning our business and marketing strategies.

Mr. CHOI Hung Nang (蔡鴻能)
Executive Director & Chairman

Overseeing the corporate management of our Group and implementing its business and marketing strategies and plans.

Ms. CHOI Kwan Li, Glendy (蔡群力)
Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer

Overseeing the operation of manufacturing facilities and implementation of projects.

Mr. LIU Tom Jing-zhi (劉敬之)
Executive Director & Chief Operating Officer

Providing advice on corporate governance and internal control matters of the Group.

Mr. Alain Vincent FONTAINE
Non-Executive Director

Overseeing the strategic business development of our Group.

Mr. CHOI Hon Ting, Derek (蔡翰霆)
Executive Director

Managing and implementing sales and marketing strategies.

Mr. LAO Kam Chi (劉金枝)
Executive Director & General Manager (Sales and Marketing)

Participating in the formulation of corporate and business strategies.

Mr. CHAN Lewis (陳令紘)
Non-Executive Director

Overseeing the financial planning and management, internal control, investor relations and company secretarial matters of our Group.

Mr. YEUNG Tsz Kit, Alban (楊子傑)
Chief Financial Officer & Company Secretary