Glendy Choi was invited to be the guest speaker of the “Belt and Road Experience Sharing Forum”

Ms. Glendy Choi, CEO and Executive Director of D&G Technology, was invited to be the guest speaker at the Forum

To tie in with the policy of "The Belt and Road", the Belt and Road Office of the HKSAR Government, together with Commerce and Economic Development Bureau, Development Bureau, Education Bureau and Home Affairs Bureau, co-organized the “Belt and Road Experience Sharing Forum" at the Hong Kong Government headquarters. The Forum was held on 7 Jun 2017, about 500 people attended, including students, professionals and young businessmen. It was live webcasted and broadcasted to the schools so that more students who cannot attend can also listen. Ms. Glendy Choi, CEO of D&G Technology, was one of the four invited speakers who shared their experiences in the "Belt and Road" regions at the Forum. They encouraged young people to walk out of Hong Kong and look to the world.

At the sharing meeting, Ms. Choi mentioned the Group's efforts and presented the Group's participation in the construction of the "China-Pakistan Economic Corridor", which was the first of its kind in Hong Kong's small and medium-sized enterprises to participate in this remarkable project. The Group's asphalt mixing plants were equipped with environmental protection and energy-saving features, have been exported to 23 overseas countries in the world market, including Russia, India, the Middle East and other countries. Since the products can reduce the environmental impact of the surrounding community and help achieve sustainable development, the products are very popular in those Belt and Road countries.

Q&A Session

Ms. Choi also elaborated on the difficulties faced by the Group in entering overseas markets, as well as some experience gained from development. She encouraged the forum participants to self-equip themselves in order to explore the world. Difficulties may be encountered during the process, and it is important to constantly adjust to adapt. In addition to have excellent product quality and after-sales service, one must be good at seizing the opportunity and be persistence.

Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), Mr CY Leung, gave the praised at his welcoming remarks that the guest speakers at the Forum have very good development and had certain foundation. In particular, he mentioned that the recent Belt and Road pamphlet published by the government, which contains many successful Belt and Road projects of the Group.

Ms. Choi took a photo with the staff of Belt and Road Office and other guest speakers after the Forum

Ms. Glendy Choi answered the questions raised by the audience at the Forum

Mr. C.Y.Leung, Chief Executive of HKSAR, gave speech at the Sharing Forum